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Xerox Symphony


Basis Weight 80 ± 2 g/m2 ISO 536
Thickness 108 ± 3 µm EN 20535
Roughness Bendtsen 180 ± 50 ml/min ISO 8791-2
Moisture content
3.8 – 5.0 % EN 20287, EN 12281

Product description

Xerox Symphony

XEROX Symphony is a wood-free, coloured, multifunctional paper. The colours offered are divided into three groups: light pastel colours, middle pastel colours and intense colours. The used colours are harmless. The re-closable transparent package keeps optimal humidity until the last sheet.


It is used  for presentation materials, announcements, letters and leaflets. It is suitable for colour laser printing, copying, ink printing and offset pre-print tasks. Thanks to excellent runnability and low dustiness it is also good for large printing tasks and for printing in high speed printing machines.




The producer is certified with a certificate of quality management pursuant to the requirements of ISO 9001.

Strong point

high quality and universal