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Xerox DuraPaperLabel

Part Number Dimensions
Sheets per Pack,
Rolls per Pack
3R97344 (3R98001)
A4 – 297 x 210
3R98645 (3R98002)
A3 – 297 x 420
3R98688 (3R97997)
SRA3 – 320 x 450

Product description

Xerox DuraPaperLabel is a white, matt, self-adhesive polyethylen foil with a permanent adhesive. Opacity: 92 %, Thickness/gauge: 178 µm, basis weight: 110 g/m2, total basis weight: 240 g/m2 (foil + adhesive + silicone base paper).


Xerox DuraPaperLabel is a self-adhesive foil suitable for use in exterior and load environments. It is resistant to weather attacks, UV radiation, water and oil.

Alternative names

Xerox Teslin, Xerox Tornado